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Ease of Access to All Patients in a Single Platform

Laboratories performing Covid PCR Test, Antigen Test, IgG-IgM Antibody Test can access patients through a single system. The Covid Test Pcr platform offers many advantages for the healthcare industry. Since laboratories are gathered on a single platform and users gain access to that system, they introduce their laboratories. With the Covid Test Pcr system, patients will have access to a single guide to find the laboratory they need.

24/7 Online Service

Patients who will have a test can register and submit their information through a system and quickly make an appointment. In order to provide ease of access for patients, the platform allows to make reservations on the desired day and time period. Likewise, it makes it easier to perform its cancellation. Thus, patients will be able to organize their travels as they will appoint Book Now every day, anytime. Users can manage their accounts and receive notifications in cases such as cancellation, delay, change. Thus, patients can manage their health and stay healthy over the web.

Register Your Labs Reduce Your Workload

When you register to the laboratory system via the CovidtestPCR platform, you reduce the pace of your team's work as a laboratory. With the Covid Test Pcr platform, one third of the calls coming to your laboratory will be reduced. Since all appointments will be on the platform, the number of missed appointments will decrease by 75%. In this way, it will allow them to reduce their secretarial time and provide a quality service.